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"Elegantly playful. A brand identity that could move in many directions. "

Rang is a brand identity designed to appear active and playful while retaining a professional overall impression. This identity is a perfect fit for an outdoor smartphone brand. A call-center or a marketing agency are among others, also very fitting businesses that Rang could serve.

  • Scope
  • Name

  • Domain

  • Slogan

  • Logo

  • Typography

  • Industry
  • Agency

  • Phone Brand

  • Call Center

  • Social Media

  • Messenger

  • Launch
  • November 2019

  • Design
  • Maurits van Laar



Rang finds its origin in both 'boomerang' and the past tense of the verb 'to ring'. The name creates the verbal connection between a boomerang and a phone.

Using an existing word or verb as a brand-name has the advantage of already being memorized by many people and being noted in dictionaries. Adapting your value proposition into the overall perception of the word is the challange for this type of brand-name. The meaning of 'Rang' that will be adopted depends on the actual business that this brand identity will be suited to. For now Rang serves as a synonym of 'calling' and/or 'to communicate'.

boo • me • rang




'a curved flat piece of wood that can be thrown so that it will return to the thrower.
Traditionally used by Australian Aborigines as a hunting weapon'





'past tense of ring' ring: 'call by telephone', 'resonant or vibrating sound.'



The versitility in potential marketplaces of this brand, asks for multiple available domains. All domains are included in the package, their minimalism makes them function as blank slates to serve different potential purposes. To have options to choose from enhances growth in different directions and could be used for SEO techniques like link-building.

The perfect fit for a call-center, but could be used by any type of company for its customer service center.

When your customer calls someone with your product, they Rang 'one' using Another usage of the domain is to display your first launched product, product number 'one'. is an ideal domain for any communicational app, for example a messenger or video chat. You Rang @, rang at, to communicate with @ person.



These three slogans are potential directions for a slogan in the communicative industry, however since they are created without a product to sell in mind, they can only serve as inspiration.

Embracing the power of the trait that makes the the boomerang so special..

Returning calls can be interpeted in two ways: bringing back great working phones or a call-center that calls you. Throwing arround ...

Returning comes naturally to a boomerang. Returning favors embraces the identity with a promise of customer service.



Nexa, a premium typeface designed by... The logotype has one slight adjustment when displayed in a larger proportion, rounded corners. The straight corner of each letter has been rounded at the same radius as the corners of the logo design. To create a more cohesive logotype.



Black & yellow is a well known color combination. Commonly used for danger detection like radiational warning signs. But the inspiration for this identity are the of the oldschool, black & yellow, phone books.

Colors make or break a design. To display a few other possibilities I created logos with an alternative color scheme, that still fits the black and yellow. This could be used as an expansion of this identity. However, all these colors aren't binding, the identity will be colored strategically upon the requirements of your product and or service.


Ready to-go,
so you can focus on the daily business.

Brand packages are ideal for the start-up, who rather spends all her time and effort into innovating her product. But also optional for the settled company with the desire to adapt a modern identity. Maurits takes care of the creative side, while you focus on your product and use all your energy for the customer.


You know in advance what you buy and where you pay for. Less risk, more value.


All brand elements will be optimized in colleboration with you, based on your data and with a strategic approach.


The groundwork is done, so the fundament of the identity is ready to go. Adjusting sailing direction is much easier when the ship is already built.

Colleteral Design



An overview

    Logo design $2500,-

    Name creation $750,-

    3 Domains $300,-

    Slogan $150,-

    Typography $300,-

    Color 0,-

    Stationary Design $250,-

    Interface Elements $400,-

    Colleteral Design *$100,-

    Total value $4525,-


Full package for $2500,-

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