Maurits is a brand designer,
based in the Netherlands.

Logo Design

Influencing the perception of your product in the users' mind is called branding. Every sense plays an important role during brand interactions. I focus on vision, a logo. And sound, a name***. These elements are detachable in their entirety* from the physical product, making it easy for them to be sensed globally.
The essence of a logo is to indicate ownership of a particular product or service. This identing mark can become a tool of diffrentiation for businesses in crowded marketplaces. Trademarks are the visual concentrate of a brand with the ability to capture memories, release emotion and trigger action.
How you say something is nearly as important as what you say. This principle can also be applied to writing: The display of text has a huge impact on how the information will be interpeted. Therefore the 'messenger', the typeface in question, must be adapted to embrace its message.
The purest form of visual expression. Colors are the spices of design, they can make or break a dish. This makes color is one of the most important ingredients in the design kitchen.

Name Creation

Unique names are speak for themselves. Functioning as the title of the brands' story, they wrap a value statement into metaphores. Intrigueing curious prospects to explore your product. The name of a brand is the primary identifier of every single business and so the core of the verbal identity. I will come up with a unique and avaiable name trough this process link

A slogan is the communicative sidekick of the brand name. Slogans increase interaction by making use of humour, rhymes, a statement or a rhetorical question like: 'What else?'. When people talk or think about you, your brand awareness has grown. Modern business can't grow without claiming their your online territory. A fitting domain works like a shop sign, it creates awareness and attracts customers.


Maurits learned to design out of pure curiosity. It still triggers my brain by providing me puzzles for which you have to define your answer. My style is minimalistic and geometric, but with natural aspacts as inspiration. Coming up with brand names is done by endlessly trying to find an avaiable domain. And the best ones always pop-up unexpectedly. When not with staring at a computerscreen I like to get my hands dirty while painting or pursue inspiration in musea. The Hague offers a lot of great art. I like to run to clear my head. Read to fill my head. As a side job I work in the local public library as a customer service employee/librarian. The library is also a great place to stay up to date on the newest books and a grateful job to help with providing knowledge to all its willing seekers.